FCL (Full container load):

– Premium Service: fast transit time, direct service or service with few ports to call before arrival, available    space and equipment; multiple sailings

– Standard service: Economy-value transportation, longer T/T and regular frequency

LCL (Less-than-container):


Fast-transit time, frequent schedule, end to end capabilities  

Out-of-Gauge cargo:

Specialist support in handling out-of-guage cargo; be in a flat rack or open-topped container 


Dedicated truck:

One point to point with stop and in/out, fast service, keep the goods in good condition with in/out of truck

Consol truck:

Cost-efficiency , longer transport time , reduce carbon emission 

Temperature controlled truck:

With temperature controlled under 2-8C degree or 15-25C degree, the trucks deliver your pharmaceutical goods in security. 


The airplane is by far the fastest transport mode for logistics operations and international trade. On the contrary, it presents technical (size) and security restrictions, as well as being more expensive. In this way, air transport is recommended for high-value merchandise traffic, commercial samples, documents and urgent shipments; while it is unsuitable for goods of low value, large volume or weight.

Cargo Insurance protects your valuable goods and shipments .

Under national and international laws and conventions on the transportation, or general terms and conditions, a freight forwarder’s lability is limited . It will not always cover your financial loss as a result of unforeseen circumstances during the transport of your goods.  

Cargo insurance gives you to protect your cargos against the unforeseen, such as loading incidents, bad weather conditions or traffic accidents.

We offer: 
– All-risks coverage
– Competitive rates
– One-stop shop:  WTL handlestransportation service, insurance coverage and claim 
– Customs-made insurance 

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